What do we get up to each day? – Farmers Tauranga Development
Construction works go up another gear
February 1, 2019
Building the future of Tauranga on solid foundations
February 1, 2019

What do we get up to each day?

Ever wondered what a typical day on site at Farmers Tauranga Development looks like?

We’ve got you covered with this awesome day-long time lapse taken earlier this month.

Piling rigs, concrete trucks, cranes diggers, it’s all go.

This is just a snapshot of what will be a year where you’ll see real progress on our commitment to build on the Farmers’ corner retail history in Tauranga. We will offer a superior shopping experience to the previous store, on multiple levels, with multiple retailers. 

Next time you’re in the CBD take a walk past and see for yourself.

View the time lapse video.