Building the future of Tauranga on solid foundations – Farmers Tauranga Development
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February 1, 2019
City leaders get a close look at Farmers Tauranga Development
March 1, 2019

Building the future of Tauranga on solid foundations

As you know, we are committed to building a future-focussed development that looks towards a revitalised city centre where people live, work and play.

So it’s great to see such excellent progress being made on the site’s foundations.

To give you some insight into how things work, we thought we’d unpack the specifics of piling on site. Piling is a type of deep foundation used to transfer loads to a lower depth, compared with a traditional shallow foundation.

Our vertical columns of concrete are screwed deep into the ground to support the Farmers building which will sit on top.

Many of the concrete piles also have a steel cage inserted for extra reinforcing and once complete, the total length of pile cages will span 5km, longer than once around the Mount Maunganui (Mauao) Base Track Walk of 3.4km. An impressive statistic!

This is an important facet in what will be an incredible transformation into a building featuring a blend of retail, residential and dining never been attempted before in New Zealand.